I know gurus like to complicate this stuff but it really is not that complicated.

When it comes to  online success. Most gurus say “You need to have 3 ingredients to build a successful online business” but that’s just not accurate.

Products – Traffic – Knowing How To Sell

Is a formula for failure because it’s incomplete and misleading at best.

Here’s a more accurate formula for online success: Read the rest of this article

… and what’s that got to do with e-mail marketing?

I may be showing my age here but I used to watch the television show “Dallas” every week.  The show was about a oil rich Texas dysfunctional family and was more than just a prime time soap opera.  J.R. Ewing (the spoiled little rich kid who turned into a spoiled little rich adult) was a sneaky little bugger that almost everyone hated.  Then something happened to the little guy. Read the rest of this article

frying bacon nude

Forget high cholesterol. Frying bacon in the nude can be hazardous to your health!

I can’t prove this theory but am willing to bet all that I own that “frying bacon in the nude… can hurt”. I’ve never tried it (although I can’t get that darn picture out of my mind now) but I’ve had bacon grease pop up and hit me in the hand and arms so I refuse to endanger other body parts to prove this theory. Read the rest of this article

Say hello to my little friend… Dr. Feelgood

Forgive me “Scarface” fans.  Let me explain.

My name is “The Mad Webmaster” and I am a book loving, movie watching, mp3 listening how to earn income, live the good life informational junkie.  (At least I used to be but I still admit it in fear of backsliding)

I’ll go after every “shiny new object” and freely admit I’m an informational product buying gazelle in the middle of a pack of hungry guru lions who are chasing me down the Internet Highway to hell trying to bite me in my wallet. Read the rest of this article

If you understand the difference between a travel brochure and a tour guide, you will have no trouble selling online.

One gets a “so-so” mediocre result; the other engages the site visitor making them a fan and a friend.

One lies among hundreds of others; the other creates an unforgettable experience.

Nevertheless, let me give you the three biggest “rookie” mistakes webmasters make in trying to sell a product or service online and, hopefully, guide you to a solution. Here they are: Read the rest of this article

I know I’m kind of a “goober” and I like to keep it simple but there are only 3 models for chasing moneyearning income online.

  1. Your own product or service
  2. An affiliate product or service
  3. The advertising or I’ll send you my traffic for a price

Pretty simple but here’s the challenge: Read the rest of this article

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